Dooey Belle


Meet Dooey Belle – @ForeverHoundsUK’s absolutely beautiful Greyhound girlie, she has retired from racing.
Age – 6.5 years old
Height – 26 inches to the shoulder
Small Dogs – Dooey hasn’t met our ‘volunteer’ Shih Tzu yet BUT has met small dogs out on her walks and was an utter star!
Children – Passed our 5 year old child test. She had a lovely time cuddling up to our ‘small’ volunteer.
She is a fantastic girl!! Walks well on the lead, is phased by nothing out on her walks (sheep, ducks, cars etc) really steady girl who just loves her cuddles. An absolute diamond and a dream in the car too especially as she had to share the small boot space with Razzle! : )
Doooey would be fine to go with another dog but she could also go as an only dog if someone was around most of the time initially.

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