Dylan is a 15 week old Miniature  Schnauzer x Jack Russell

GOOD WITH CHILDREN: He is in foster with 2 girls, 9 & 11, better suited to older children as he bites hard when playing.

GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: He is starting his dog socialisation with his foster, he lived temporily with some other Jack Russells before coming to us and he was getting into scraps as he was very insistant, so ideally, a calm, older adult dog to ignore him at this stage would be perfect while his dog skills are managed by his humans to ensure he doesn’t get either beaten up by other dogs or learns to rough house with other dogs.

GOOD WITH CATS: Initial assessments suggest that Dylan would chase cats and therefore we are seeking a cat & small furries free home for Dylan.

MORE INFORMATION: Dylan was relinquished by his owner, after owning him for just a few weeks he was too much for her.

DIET He currently eats a raw Diet, Natures Menu but also likes other foods.

HEALTH: In good health

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: As with all of our dogs we advise that they should continue his training with the help of home support with our behaviourist as per the application forms.  We also suggest you come and visit a few times before you take him home so he can get to know you, `

We would require Dylan to join puppy classes with a trainer who uses kind and force free training mehtods, plus show a commitment to his long term training.

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