Eddie Teddie is a wonderful little boy who was handed into the rescue by his owner whose work commitment meant she could no longer give him the time and life he deserves.
He is a tiny dot, probably the smallest dog we have ever had in the rescue. He is a typical Chihuahua, a little boy with the heart of a lion. He need to be introduced properly to new people but once he is your friend you can do no wrong in his eyes. With us, he is a sweeheart but he does need a little time to get to know new people and to trust them or he will go on the defensive like so many of these little dogs. He is great with all dogs, Eddie has gone on pack walks with up to 10 dogs and was perfect. He has also encountered cats, which didn’t seem to bother him.
Eddie is looking to be someone’s friend who will have plenty of affection to give him. He does absolutely love going on his walks, and meeting other dogs. We would not place him with children, as a little boy he does get insecure at times.
We would welcome someone with Chiuahua experience as he is very typical of his breed, but it is not essential, as long as a home is committed to understanding his little ways and love him just as he is.

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