Poor Eden – emaciated on arrival @LurcherSOS from the pound. ? Thankfully she is otherwise healthy and she has a good appetite so should start piling on the pounds soon. We have no history on her other than she was a stray – so she could have been on the run for some time – or perhaps owned by someone who just didn’t feed her.

Never mind, Eden, those days are over – its all up now!

Eden is a small girl who gets on well with the other dogs in her foster home. She is clean and isnt very vocal. She is crate trained though she doesnt like it much! Eden is a bit of an escape artist! Not jumping fences, but getting out into the garden from the narowest of window openings! Stair gates are nothing to her too! But that apart, she is a most lovely little girl who has started her vaccination program. She will be ready for a forever home in two weeks and a lifetime of love and pampering!

Do consider little Eden if you are looking for a gentle small lurcher girl.

Eden is in foster in Surrey. No children under 10 and no cats.

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