Erika is a lovely girl, with a beautiful temperament. She had been at the shelter in Romania for a long time, we were delighted to welcome her here in the UK. Erika has shared a kennel with other dogs, she has a very gentle nature, a little submissive at times. She has a very pronounced undershot jaw which the vet thinks would be the result of a traumatic incident which would have happened years earlier. Part of the top of her mouth is also missing. Nevertheless Erika eats well, and enjoys life to the full. It is also worth mentioning that our girl hasn’t go much of a tail. Erika suffered an injury probably as a puppy to her left back leg but has been seen by one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in the UK and we were reassured that nothing further could be done as Erika walks very well and her slight gate is almost imperceptible. She is however not looking for a home looking to walk for hours every day. Erika is one in a million both in looks and temperament, you couldn’t wish for a nicer and more affectionate girl, despite the hard life she has had. If you are interested in offering Erika a home, please fill in an application form and we will be in touch.

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