Incredibly opulent, ermine (cow print to you and I) is the chosen colour for the Queen’s coronation gown – which is befitting of any greyhound as they were the preserve of the aristocracy for many years! Our Ermine is as elegant as they come! His coat is as sumptuous as he is ‘scrumptuous’!

Ermine is four years old and has lived a rather sheltered life up until now. He is affectionate but is not very worldly (or wise) yet. He can be a little anxious with new experiences and would love to share his home with another confident large dog – he doesn’t need a Wolfhound but something of his own size would be great! Due to his lack of confidence in new situations, he would also benefit from a rural home with adults and older teenagers – 16 plus.
He will need a little time to settle but will make an awesome pet and his coat, and personality, will soon shine!

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