Hello, my name is Henrietta but you can call me Etta for short.
My owner had to go into a care home and SSC said that they would look after me and find me a new home, how lucky am I?
I have coped with the change very well, I have been a brave girl and settled in with my frosty Mummy and Daddy straight away!
I was a good girl in the car on my way to their house, it was quite a long journey and I asked if they could stop so I could go to the toilet, they thought that was very clever of me.
I have lived with another dog before and I did quite like it, but I don’t like to share my toys them, and sometimes I get upset if I have to share them, so maybe if I share a home again with another dog my new owners would be able to keep toys out of the way.
I’m also happy to be the only dog, that way I can have all the toys to myself and not share my new owners either.
I have lived with cats, so I could possible live with them again.
I have lived with little people too and would be happy to do so again.
My frosty Mum says that I’m a good girl on the lead, I do walk ahead of her but I never pull, I like long walks and short walks, I also like the look of those crows, and love to try and chase them.
Now I have heard my frosty parents tell my personal assistant that I snore!! I think they are getting me mixed up as I have never heard it! They also said I can open doors, the cheek! It’s only so I can find them again when they disappear behind one.
I’m used to being left for a little while, I usually just have a nap…(no snoring)
I’m even a good girl at the vets, so what is there not to love about me?

If you want to find out more about me, you can call my personal assistant Sonia on 07954 440155, she will tell you I don’t snore!

 Lots of love



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