Feta is a 6 year old ex-breeding cocker spaniel.  This little girl is full of character and is amazingly confident for an ex-breeding dog.  She has been in foster with me for eight days now and has settled very well into home life and would make the most wonderful addition to anyone’s family.  She has been completely clean in the house since arriving, she loves her walks on her long training line and walks well on a collar and lead.  She sleeps with my other two dogs in the kitchen quietly overnight now although when she first arrived she became anxious without me around as I left her to go to bed and this has now been rectified.  Feta (we call her Phoebe here) is friendly to dogs that she meets out and is also cat friendly although she does think its a game when my two cats (who are little monkeys) run off and she likes to ‘play’ chase.  She can be cuddled on the lap easily and you may need some tissues to clean the kisses from your face as she loves attention and giving out kisses to anyone and everyone!  She is so ready to join her forever family and this could include young dog savvy children and it would be nice to have another doggie friend as a companion.

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