Flopsy and Tyson


Flopsy and Tyson are brother and sister. And boy are they like little twins, they have even matching grey faces! They are looking for a new home due to the breakdown of their owners relationship. They are a cracking pair of dogs, so loving and affectionate. They love cuddles and strokes and playing with their toys. They are good with other dogs but like a typical female – Flopsy keeps everyone in line! They are apparently good with cats, this is something we would have to check here by cat testing them with cats they don’t know, before we could be certain that they can live with other cats. (If you do have a cat, let us know and we will try them in our cattery). They are both used to children and have always been fine. They can be left for a few hours a day. They seem to be the perfect pair of dogs, they will keep each other company when you have to go out and they will give you lots of love and affection when you come home!

Flopsy is having some mammary tumours removed when she is neutered, she is also having a dental. Please don’t let this put you from offering this beautiful pair a loving home, these type of tumours are common in older un-neutered females, we will be testing them and will update once we have the results.

They will make the most wonderful friends.

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