Frankie is around 9 months old who has obviously had a traumatic time in short a short life.  He came to us from the pound a very nervous little boy and completely untrusting of people.  However, he has been given the chance to learn for himself that human are worth trusting. Frankies new home is quite specific, because of his trust issues he needs to have another dog(s) to help him settle in and also be his source of security when he feels unsure. So a calm confident dog would be ideal. Frankie loves children, he is happiest when he is sitting or playing with his foster moms son. Frankie also gets on well with cats. He is house trained. Walking on the lead is progressing well although it can be a slow start, again the help of another dog will assist him further. The biggest thing for Frankie is time. He has built trust with his foster family and he will need to be given the space to do this in his forever home. Once he is confident he will sleep next to you or on you legs in the air snoring his head off.  He is also quite lazy much prefering to watch the TV than go for a walk on a frosty morning.

Can anyone offer Frankie a forever home?

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