Freya is an American Bulldog who is thought to be between 3 and 4 years old, probably closer to 3 so we have picked a summer birthday for her. She was found tied to a large stone in the middle of a field, no shelter, in freezing weather. She appears to have had pups about 3 months ago. She has a growth on her leg which will be removed when she is back to full strength. She was very hand shy when she came in, and from her behaviour has only been used to other dogs for breeding – our lovely fosterer and her dad have been working with her giving her lots of love and understanding, and she is now happy to walk with their dog.

Name: Freya
Sex: Female
Describe his/ her personality: Diva
Good with other dogs: Is selective Smaller submissive calm male ( needs very slow intros can take a couple of weeks) or pet free and have a walking buddy
Cats: no
Children: Not tested due to fear issues with people – would be better in a child free home.
Likes: To have her tummy rubbed, bum scratch, out for daily walks, to cuddle and give you kisses on the sofa and loves to roll
Dislikes: sudden movements, loud noises, Hoover
How long can he/she be left? 5 hours in her crate
Fave food: Homemade soup, sardines and sprats
House trained: Yes never had an accident
Any special trick: Can unclip her halti
If they were a celebrity who would they be: Mariah Carey

Freya is beautiful and so loving once she trusts you, never shown any aggression towards me or my dad we can touch her all over, is happy to get dried after a walk is happy for us to touch her face, no food or treat aggression, she’s currently getting two walks a day an is happy to walk with Chumlee (not trying to hump him and took a row from him today no reaction ) seen two other dogs out walking today an never bothered about them but is selective with most dogs, could have a walking buddy if correct introductions possibly could live with a calm submissive male, will happily go in her crate while you go out. will sleep in her crate or your bed if allowed, she loves a cuddle on the sofa but will go down an lie on her blanket if told loves to give kisses, will sit next to you when you’re eating on the sofa or at the table doesn’t beg doesn’t really show much interest, she does have trust issues but working on that is much better if you meet people outside then bring them into the house, she needs a quiet home not lots of people visiting,someone with large breed experience and experience with fear aggression is a must, honestly once she trusts you she is a big sook who loves nothing more than to cuddle in

If you are interested in adopting Freya please contact BABS Rescue . Homecheck and a donation apply.

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