Dear Readers

My name is Garrick and I am approximately 8 (ish) years young.

As you can see from my photos, I am about as fwufffy and handsome as it gets! I am probably a Bearded Collie X Greyhound, so I guess you could call me a Beardhound or perhaps a Greybeard….. anyway, I digress! I am writing to you via this website as I have one very special wish which I hope you can fulfill:


It’s a pretty simple wish isn’t it? Some humans to love me, walk me and keep me safe, feed me, take me places, have fun with me and perhaps give me some grooming – my coat does look better for the odd brush! I can live with a family as an only dog or perhaps with a very calm, steady female about the same kind of size as me. I can live with two-leggers from 10 years upwards but I would prefer not to have cats or small furries around thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against them but they aren’t dogs are they and I don’t really get that. I am house-trained and used to living in a home – I’m a pet-in-waiting!

I will look amazing lying in front of an AGA, fire or even a radiator, I’m not fussy. Don’t let my age fool you either, I’m deliciously up for anything, bright as a button and I have stamina well beyond my years. I’m a confident dog too, I like life and everyone in it. I know it’s a big ask but if I could be in a home ASAP, I would be massively grateful and I promise I will make the very, very best companion.

Love from Garrick

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