Gaston is looking for understanding owners and a nice quiet home to settle in to, with a strong routine. He is finding kennel life difficult and doesn’t show himself well but would make a fun and loyal companion in the home.
He needs his own space, certainly until he settles, and you will need to let him come to you when he is ready.
Gaston loves playing fetch and it will be the way to win his heart. Start a tennis ball game and he is happy! He is clever and knows all of his commands – sit, wait, recall, stay, give paw (with both paws), and even speak.
After an incident that wasn’t his fault, Gaston is wary of other dogs. He is easily distractable with treats and his beloved tennis ball though. He will prefer quiet walks. He can be strong on the lead but perhaps this is where his training sessions can start – he would love that.

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