Gazza is a lovely sweet affectionate older boy who likes to sit on your lap and receive a lot of love. Gazza appears to be hard of hearing, and so at times will not realize you are trying to get his attention, he understands some hand signals however and still enjoys learning and positive training. Gazza walks nicely on lead, he likes to sniff and explore new places, Gazza is calm and relaxed with all sights on his walk, and has been fine with dogs in his assessment mixes – his socialization will be continued throughout his stay with us. Gazza does prefer quiet dogs so any potential dog to live with would need to be very calm and not be overly interested in interacting. Gazza is a stray so may or may not be used to sharing his home with a dog. Gazza does have a lot of spirit for an older gent and will put his paws on your lap for a cuddle! He will jump onto tables and counters when left, as he likes to search for food, so he won’t suit anyone house proud; he also likes to lie with you on the sofa. Gazza would make a lovely companion for someone where any children are 12+ and very sensible.

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