Geovanni (Geo for short!) is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier who came into the Oldies Club rescue because he was being left for long hours and he needed more attention than his owner could give him. Geo is in an Oldies Club foster home in Lincoln, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

Geo is a small dog with a big character. He settled at his foster home within about 4 days and he simply loves to be centre-stage, lapping up lots of love, attention and walks.  Geo loves to have lots of attention so would be happy as your only dog, but his foster carer thinks he might also enjoy having a canine friend, provided it was smallish and not overly dominant. Geo likes to think he’s the boss! He gets on fine with most dogs when out, but he doesn’t like it if they are overbearing and in his face. He was brilliant with all the dogs he met when he helped out at an Oldies Club street collection recently. In his foster home there’s a resident small, calm female dog who he rubs along with happily. He guards his possessions from her though. He has his limits!

Outside, he seems to ignore other animals (except dogs), but we are unsure if he would live with a cat.

Geo is an excitable little chap, and his excitement would probably be exacerbated by lively children, so he would be best with older, sensible children only.

Geo loves his walks and will bark as you’re getting ready to take him. He is mostly very good on the lead, but he can be quite stubborn if he wants to go the other way, and he likes crossing roads! He has recently started going off-lead in safe places and he is very good and stays near you. His recall isn’t great, but he generally slows down so that you can catch him, or if you pretend to turn around he will come back to you. Geo was taught to not poo in the garden, so he must be taken for walks regularly. He currently has three walks per day: two short poo-walks plus a longer walk of about 40 minutes.

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