Georgina is a shy girl who was taken this year from the Brasov public pound in Romania. She shared a kennel with Aliza and Maxwellin Romania

We are only getting to know Georgina but what a sweetie she is. We know that most families do not tend to be interested in dogs with her looks but we think that she really is beautiful and needs to be met in ‘person’. She has a very gentle nature, and deserves to be given a chance by a family who will love her, let her blossom at her own pace and understand that she has had a hard life. Like for all our dogs, but more so for our seniors, of whom we are incredibly proud, being adopted is an incredible opportunity and also a time where they give everything of themselves to fit into a life they know nothing of. Our families know how incredibly rewarding the relationship with our dogs are, if both sides learn about each other. They say it takes two to Tango and in the case of our Romanian dogs it’s never been truer. Thankfully we know that Georgina will do her very best! Because Georgina is a little unsure at times we are lookig to place her in a family with no children or 16+.

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