Gizmo is a 9 years old Shih Tzu. He has had a difficult and disturbed past and wasn’t socialised with either dogs or people.

However, he has really bonded with his foster mom, proving he enjoys human company. He is a loving little lad and needs to be allowed to form a strong bond with his new owner.

In his foster home his confidence has improved and he is now allowing strangers to stroke him.

Gizmo is learning to socialise with dogs of all sizes and both sexes, but on the lead he can be defensive towards some dogs. He is much happier off lead when meeting other dogs.

The good news is that he has lived happily with other friendly dogs in the foster home, sharing the sofa and bed with them.

Gizmo enjoys walks and needs a medium level of exercise.

He has proved he is an adaptable dog who enjoys going to new places. The foster can let him off lead in safe areas.Gizmo is fully house trained and well behaved..He can be left a few hours but gets miserable if left alone for long periods.

Gizmo is an adorable dog, he is a lovely companion and pet. He sleeps on the foster’s bed at night and this really improves his happiness and confidence.

Gizmo had a lot of difficulties to face in his previous home and we are looking for a home with people who really understand and love dogs, who put their dog first, and who can really give him the time and attention he deserves. therefore please don’t apply if both partners work full time it is not good enough for this dog.

We are looking for a home with:
experienced confident owners
knowledge of reward based training methods
not left for long hours alone
a garden is not essential because he doesn’t want to stand in the garden, he wants to go for walks
a very friendly, kind, playful dog to live with
long term lifestyle stability

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