Glen was taken to be put to sleep by his farmer owner because the poor dog showed no inclination to work livestock, and for that he was to lose his life. Fortunately, the Vet contacted a rescue worker who arranged to put Glen in a boarding kennels until we had space to take him at DBARC, to find him a permanent new home with someone who will love him for the wonderful dog he is. Glen has clearly known no affection in his life thus far, but despite this he is very keen to be friendly with everyone, although he is a little shy at first, something he very quickly overcomes with kindness and treats! Glen will need a kind and empathic owner who is used to collies. He will need help catching up of lifeskills, as all he has done is hang around a farm, largely ignored and never loved, yet he has masses of love to give. He is good with other dogs, but unknown with cats, and although friendly with people, we would not wish to place him with children under 12 years. He will need an interesting and active lifestyle, and company most of the time.

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