Multiple visits required
Must be rehomed in a multi dog household
No children
Experienced home only.
Grayson is a stunning dog who was rescued from a particularly terrible dog pound in Bucharest. He came to us as a very traumatised and scared dog and he has made great progress over time. This is a dog who will likely always be somewhat fearful, but he bonds incredibly well with the people who care for him. He has also done very well with his latest vet appointment, which was to remove a number of teeth that were in a poor state. He took it all in his stride and we were all very proud 🙂

Grayson does really well in the company of other dogs. He struggles to be the the center of people’s attention and being able to do his own thing without too much focus on him is what he needs. He is very playful with the other dogs, particularly when he thinks nobody is looking. He has a cheecky side to him too, and so much more of his personality will develop in the right home. We feel that the environment which will best suit Grayson’s needs would be a home who already have a number of dogs and for him to essentially be one of a small pack. This will enable him to be part of a family, enjoy time with other dogs, draw confidence from them and not be the center of attention. He also needs to be adopted by a patient and relaxed family who will not put him under any pressure to be something he cannot be and let him develop at his own pace. He is the kind of dog who will appeal to those who really want to make a difference for a dog who needs time, someone focused on what they can do for a dog in need. As this is a dog who can be a cuddle monster with his people and really tries to give back what he can, the rewards, we know, will be truly wonderful.  We would not place him in a home with children, because of his lack of confidence.
Grayson has spent time in a home before on short foster breaks and he is spotless and a perfect house guest in many ways. He also took no notice of the resident cats.
Families looking to adopt Grayson will need to commit to visiting him a number of times at the kennels, to help him bond, but we know that the joy of seeing him progress in a home environment and gradually getting more involved, and blossoming will be a very special experience. We sincerely hope that someone will want to give him the chance to become a loved family member.
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