Gyp and Fly


These two lads are together in the same home.

A change in both home and work circumstances has resulted in the owners not being able to give them the time they deserve.

Gyp and Fly need new homes.  Can you help?


GYP is a very placid 9 yr old Lurcher.

  • Will bring your slippers when you come home and give you a big doggy smile
  • Hates cats, has always been good with family children.
  • ,Likes pinching food off worktop and tea/coffee off table.
  • Loves to play with football and plastic bottles,
  •  Is house trained and likes his clean beds
  • Says please and takes food gently.
  • FLY is a 12 y old Bedlington Terrier.

    • Doesn’t like having a bath or fur clipped.
    • Gentle when taking food
    • Good recall
    • House trained (very infrequent accident)
    • Lives indoors, excited when people visit.
    • Loves playing with plastic bottles
    • Not keen on cats, hedgehogs or fireworks.
    • Inclined to drink your tea or coffee if left in a tempting place.
    • Good manners.
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