Hallie came into WARS after being found tied up in a garden. she was very nervous when she came in and would shy away when first meeting new people. However her confidence is growing and she is now starting to show her personality. She is a friendly girl who gets very excited when it is time to go for a walk. She loves to play in the play pens and will often go up to her walker for some reassurance and some fuss. She has met a couple of dogs through the fences and is really keen to play with them

Ideal Home

Hallie will need a home with a fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences. She would suit a family who have experience with slightly bigger breeds and are willing to take her to training and socialisation classes. Due to not knowing her background she will need a home with an adult only family or children 16+. She could live with another suitable dog but no cats or small furries.

Breed Description

Hallie is a crossbreed, we are not entirely sure what breeds she has in her, possibly lab, rottie, staffie, we are not sure. However she does show loyalty and playfulness and a willingness to learn.

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