Frank is a sweet, gentle greyhound boy, and is around 4 years old. He loves the company of people, and enjoys having fuss and attention.  Frank is generally pretty laid back but he does love to play too, when the moment takes him, as you can see from the photos!  He would prefer to live in a quieter area, as he can be quite a sensitive boy at times. Frank has lived in a home previously and was comfortable being left alone for short periods during the day. Once he knows them, he enjoys the company of other dogs, and could potentially live with a doggie friend pending introductions. Although Frank likes dogs and does want to be sociable with dogs he doesn’t know, he needs a bit of time to gain his confidence. So he needs an owner who will take things slowly and let him meet with  friendly, social dogs to develop his confidence. Frank is looking for understanding owners who are willing to continue his training and help him gain confidence around other dogs and with new things in life. And if they have some fun toys to race round with, he’d love to play!

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