Harry is a huge favourite at the kennels, he has got to be one of the happiest dogs we have ever had. Nothing is too much trouble, vet exams have been easy and Harry takes everything in his stride.
He hasn’t got much of a tail, we’re not sure what happened to it but he sure knows how to wag it. He will bring a family much happiness, he is just a perfect family dog, he gets on with other dogs, and everyone he meets.
Harry has undergone a number medical exam related to a number of issue, he has suffered an old fracture to his hip, which has been seen by our orthopaedic specialist. In conclusion, it is best leaving things as they are at this stage. Harry is on pain management medication and copes very well on it. He is also blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. He has been seen by the ophthalmologist about it, but this does not seem to concern Harry. Finally Harry has been suffering with nose bleeds, for which he has had both a CT scan and an endoscopy. He has also had multiple number of test and biopsies done, with the conclusion that Harry likely suffers from either some form of allergy or has an auto-immune problem. We are getting to the tail end if the investigation so should have a final diagnosis soon. Whilst Harry clearly has a number of medical issues, none of them are life threatening and he copes well with life as he is. Love Underdogs offer the option to Harry’s adoptive family to have a medical contract from us stating that we will cover any medical bills related to his hips, nose or eyes, for the future, should the family require financial assistance.
Harry is an absolute dream of a dog, with so much love and affection to give, we sincerely hope that his family will find him soon. Should you be interested in offering him a much deserve space in your family, please get in touch via an adoption application.

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