Hazel @LurcherSOS is around 18 months old, they think she is full Greyhound though she is not tattooed. A calm, gentle and easy going girl who has settled in to foster very well indeed. Hazel gets on with other dogs and would love another dog to play with. That said she is undemanding and just likes to be where her people are. She is well behaved in the home, can be left for reasonable periods and is an all round nice girl. Hazel would be happiest with other dogs.

Hazel is happy to be crated  and has been spotlessly clean in her crate. She hasnt chewed or damaged anythng either which is another plus.
Children over 8  and no cats.

In foster in Buckinghamshire.     Her foster Mommy has updated to say…

She’s fine when crated for time out at our meal times.  I do believe she would benefit by being an only dog for having the attention as she will be very loyal to her owner.  She walks so very well on lead, has been perfect with quail, not bothered by them at all, and walked past small furries in pets at home when we went to vets yesterday to have her neutering stitches removed.
She’s quick to settle after cuddles and happily lay on her bed, but needs to see you, if you move so will she,as reassurance you’re still there… all in all she is a good girl still a young lady at the moment there are a lot of positives –  I believe this young lady will learn quickly and fit right into any home, being an easy girl to walk will suit any age owner as she doesn’t pull, so older person could easily manage her, just need confidence when near a road, she’s nervous of cars going by.

Here is lovely Hazel….

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