Super happy Hope is 5 and 3/4 years old, and 27 inches to the shoulder, retired Greyhound girlie.

Hope is currently in foster with 2 other Greyhounds and a Boxer. She walks like a dream on the lead, has passed the Shih Tzu test (on lead) crate trained, hasn’t had any accidents in the house, happy to go out in the rain! happy to chill out on her bed, she has also now found the sofa!

Hope is one happy girl, her tail barely stops wagging……. considering a few years ago she was beaten, it totally amazes us just how friendly she is! She is cheeky, which just adds to her adorableness! Hope is a kleptomaniac – but were pretty sure she is just tidying up after us, Hope doesn’t quite realise that the ball of string and piece of sandpaper WERE still in use.

We cannot express how awesome this girl is, she is ultra special and will need a home that will completely adore her, have a doggie sofa, and will smother her in the much needed kisses and cuddles Hope deserves.

Oh we wish we had room for another hound!

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