Huckleberry was found stray/abandoned & unclaimed within a council pound. We stepped forwards to offer a Rescue place and save Huckleberry’s life. Huckleberry was found in a park and was unclaimed. His finders have been there for him and although they cant home him they have found him his rescue place and supported his first month kennelling. Huckleberry was homed and then returned as he reacted to confrontation, he needed for someone to work in with him to break down his nerves. His fosterers have done that and he has enjoyed being part of his foster pack, we have waited for him to be ready to try homing again…he is now ready. Huckleberry is currently fostered in Hayling Island

Huckleberry is enjoying living with other dogs & doing so well in a training foster home. Walks to heel, sits on command, give paw, leaves. Huckleberry doesn’t like confrontation so anyone with ‘dominance theory’ which we don’t agree with need not apply. Recommend a relationship strengthening focus. May had harsh treatment in his past. Huckleberry needs a kind home where he has guidance with fondness & joy in your voice. Hounddog

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