Igloo is a 5 month old male Pomsky puppy  He is a nervous little boy and will wee himself when you go pick him up he will allow you to handle him but will neeed a home with another dog to help his confidence.  Igloo MUST attend training classes to ensure he grows into a well behaved adult dog.

Pomskies  are a “designer” cross breed dog who are very popular in the US and Miska is one of a number of pups who have arrived at Many Tears after they were bred but not sold as they have not proved to be as popular in the UK. We are aware it might be difficult to find suitable homes​ as despite their small packaging they can also be as bold and fearless as a husky and need clear guidance.  ​Nevertheless they are lives that needed saving and in the right hands will make loving pets but we are looking for experienced owners who will give them the training they need. ​We have done some research on  owners who have these dogs and the feedback has been very positive. ​We don’t expect Igloo to grow much larger than a collie and he will need a reasonably active home and good training.  We hope there is a super loving homes out there who will give him the life he needs. He has his own passport.
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