Six year old Beagle JACKSON is struggling to find a permanent home. He is a brilliant dog, but a very, very energetic and active lad, we need to find him a forever home. – The following has been quoted from a beagle website.

Don’t even think of rehoming a Beagle if you are out at work all day – that’s why many of them come into rescue in the first place. A lonesome Beagle is a very vocal and destructive little hound. They’ll ruin your home and your relationship with your neighbours!

During the settling-in period you must be prepared for your Beagle to howl or scratch doors, even be destructive when left alone.

If you think you can give a Beagle all the exercise he needs by taking him for a couple of long walks at the week-end, forget it! These hounds need daily exercise – and that’s for the rest of their lives. Beagles are scent hounds and many are not reliable off lead!

However, Beagles usually adapt to new circumstances quickly – you just have to have patience and understanding to help it adjust to a new life.(Quoted from beaglewelfare.org.uk)

If you think you can offer Jackson his ideal home, please ring 07931220094.

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