Jessie arrived in rescue towards the end of August 2017 and has captured the hearts of our volunteers already.

Jessie has come from the pound which means we have no information on her background, and cannot comment on how she is with kids, cats or other pets.  So far we have found Jessie to be incredibly affectionate and loving. She gives fantastic staffy kisses and loves a good tummy tickle. Jessie is good on the lead and has walked well alone and in group walks (with other dogs).

Volunteer Update:

“So today 3 of us went up to Moorview and took 3 dogs out together. We took Loki, Harvey and Jessie. They were all obviously very excited to be going out on a walk together but once we got out onto the road they were fine and calmed down … Jessie was a little diamond, she did pull on the lead but only when she was trying to get to the other dogs. She started stopping and lying down after about an hour so I turned round and walked back with her. When I walked her on her own she practically walked at the side of me and kept stopping for me to rub her tummy and to give me kisses. I took her into the paddock when we got back to run around and she just wanted human company and love. I had her off the lead but she never went more than 15 feet away and as soon as I shouted her she came straight back. I think she must be used to being off the lead. I threw a tennis ball around for her and she loved it and brought it back to my feet most of the time. When I sat down after giving me lots of kisses she came and lied down inbetween my legs and started to fall asleep!”

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