Hey ‘Joe Pesci’ here, you will never be ‘home alone’ with me about! A fun loving and jokey character who will always keep any new owner entertained with my witty personality and ditzy moments. I have a glistening smile and a coat to die for, certainly stand out of the crowd! I am seeking a partner in crime who will comply me on my travels and throw my ball for me.

I do like my treats of sausages, cheese and sardines and love working for them as I am one clever boy. Given the chance I could easily master up a plan, if I were a person I would be rolling in money! It has been hard finding that perfect home as I am a real softy at heart but do like my own space and enjoy cuddles when I’m in the mood. I am considering a teenage home as I have found some younger children try to outwit me and with another compatible canine who would match up perfectly as my ‘wet bandit’ friend.

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