Keea is a 9 year old lovely natured female ABD (“Is that me? Don`t I look beautiful – you know, you really cannot have too much pink!”) Keea is being re-homed very reluctantly because she is finding life sharing her home with young children too overwhelming and her owners feel that it simply is no longer fair to her for them to keep her.

Keea is a lovely, sociable and very easy going dog. She loves other dogs,loves to play with them but is not pushy if they do not want to play, but would be best as the only dog in the house as that is what she has been use to and loves all the attention for herself. She is good both on and off lead, loves being out and about, very happy to meet new people, loves to travel to go to new places. She can be a bit of a lazy couch potato and really does love to snuggle up on the sofa for a snooze and will happily sneak onto the bed if allowed (does also accept when upstairs is out of bounds!) Keea does not panic about being left so would not mind an owner that worked for a few hours a day.

Keea is a very affectionate girl with a lovely temperament who will make a wonderful friend. She does not like cats and is happiest with children of 12 years plus. Keea is remaining with her current owners whilst we find a new home for her as we all feel she will be miserable and miss her home comforts in kennels. Viewing must therefore be strictly by appointment only.

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