Kitty is a sweet natured loving girl who is typical of her breed, gentle and calm but has a high prey drive with small animals and cats. Kitty can live with respectful calm dogs and would benefit from this, she particularly enjoys the company of other sighthounds, Kitty can live with sensible children aged 12+ as she likes a quiet calm home where she can have a rest after her walk, she does have a playful cheeky side and will jump up to greet you and does counter surf as thoroughly enjoys her food! Kitty walks beautifully on the lead, and meets other dogs politely, she enjoys a fuss from strangers and exploring new place; due to her breed Kitty, must be kept on lead with a run off lead in a hired enclosed paddock or in a garden if large enough twice weekly. Kitty becomes anxious when left on her own so will need owners who are at home with her for most the day whilst they work on her separation anxiety and who understand it can take some time for a dog to feel comfortable spending time home alone. Kitty will make a fantastic companion.

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