Kizzie is a super little lurcher x whippet type dog.  She is only young so she needs owners who have the time and energy for her.  Lurchers are active dogs and Kizzy is no exception.  Kizzy is very sweet and affectionate and she would love to have active owners who will take her for nice long walks. She is good with other dogs. Kizzy needs owners who around for most of the day and who will be prepared to take her to dog training classes and maybe doggie day care – she can live with other dogs.

Kizzie was surrended to the dog warden along with her Mother, she had been living  in a travelling community. She was subsequently referred to a local rescue in Ireland who  took responsibility for her and her mother.

Kizzy has a pet passport.

  • Living At Kennels
  • Small Lurcher
  • Female
  • 2 Years Old
  • Active Home Needed
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