Well we couldn’t have thought of a better name for this lovely, affectionate and hugely homeable blue greyhound girl. Lark thinks life is a lark! She is as happy as they come and at 6 years young, whatever life has thrown at her so far, it has not dented her love for humans and life one little bit!
Lark is friendly, outgoing, affectionate and thrives on human company. She adores a fuss and cuddle and gives utterly awesome kisses! If you don’t like kisses (who doesn’t really??), Lark may not be the one for you but as most humans also thrive on affection and rather enjoy the odd kiss too, we can’t see this presenting too many issues. ; )
Lark is happy to engage with other dogs and has the potential to live with them, in fact if you are looking for a beautiful pair of girls, she would be great paired with Farah – also on the website! Lark would enjoy a family unit, including children. She seems happy to engage with people on all levels and never passes up the opportunity for some fuss. If you have very small people at home, she could quite possibly enjoy the attention of a smaller person but as always, this would need constant supervision and management to ensure appropriate interactions.
Hey – what’s not to like here! She is a happy, confident, engaged greyhound who loves life and will make someone a super-fantastic companion! Please form an orderly Q!!

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