Loki arrived at @Moorviewkennels in June 2017. Loki came from the pound so we have very limited information on him.

Loki has found himself in rescue before his first birthday! This beautiful puppy is only 10 months old! As he is still very young, we need someone who is willing to put the time into puppy training and socialisation classes. Currently he knows sit and paw, but his lead work, recall, and general manners will need some attention. He’s a typical puppy who needs love and affection from an owner who can give him a fun and happy life with lots of walkies and playtime.

We really encourage anyone taking on a puppy to invest in both training and socialisation classes, and remember, a dog is a lifelong commitment. Dogs can live 10-15 years and you must be prepared to look after your dog for all that time, from dog food, to daily walks, and vet bills and insurance!

Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.

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