• Stunning Louis is a saluki lurcher boy who is 18 months old. He is 25 inches to the shoulder.
  • Louis is a gentle loveable soul. He likes nothing better than going for a good run with his housemates, then coming home and curling up on the settee for a snooze.
    He is very laid back after he has had a good run.
  • Louis would be fine to live with older kids and has lived with kids in the past with no problems. He would be fine with younger ones but due to his age and general bounciness he may knock younger ones over.
  • He can be left for 2 hours – he may cry for a bit at first and can be a little bit destructive.
  • Louis is very good with the other dogs in the foster home – he does like a game and would like a playful friend. He does get the message though if the other dog doesn’t want to play. He will happily share his sofa and has no issues with food.
  • He is good with the other dogs he has met out and about – big and small he loves them all! He may be a little boisterous for more timid dogs but this is normal for lurcher his age and will settle with training.
  • He is a little shy with strangers out and about but once he knows them he gets on fine with everyone.
  • Louis is house-trained and clean when left.
  • Louis knows a few commands (sit and stay) – he has some recall but this may need working on as with all lurchers his age.
  • He does have some prey drive but is able to be distracted.
  • He is happy travelling in the car and does not get car sick.
  • Louis is in foster near Leicester.
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