Meet Lucky! She’s a young lovable friendly Bulldog Cross, and she’s looking for her forever home!

We would ideally like Lucky to be re-homed in a family who already have one or more dogs. Lucky is very sociable and good with other dogs but sadly lacks confidence when not around her ‘pack’. Lucky walks well on the lead with with other dogs, and is excellent off lead, however if you were to walk her alone, she can become very nervous. Being around other dogs gives Lucky confidence and she LOVES to play too. Lucky also doesn’t like being left alone for too long so having another dog would keep her company when she is left for short periods of time.

Lucky’s foster family have told us she is excellent with children and has been around people of all ages. She can be excitable and jump up a lot, so we would advise no children of a young age to be living in the home.

We are not sure what Lucky is like with small animals, she is very interested in cats and rabbits and will not take her eyes off them, so we would advise no other small furries to be in the home.

Lucky does like to sleep a lot and can be quite lazy, but she is also used to being around a lot of people as she goes to work with her foster mum currently.

Lucky is good with people and dogs overall, she has shown no issues with food or toy aggression, however she can be quite scared of loud noises and will freeze or run if frightened. Her new owner must be prepared to create a safe and loving environment for Lucky to call home.

Lucky is micro-chipped, spayed and up to date with her vaccinations. Lucky has also had entropian surgery on all four eyelids. Entropion is a fairly common genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward.

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