Hey I’m Luna Lovegood, one very smart and misunderstood young lady. I am full of knowledge and do love to educate others and engross them with my intellect. I am a very loyal friend and would certainly be there when you need me most but I do look for reassurance from you at times., this is when you know that bond has been made. I wouldn’t call myself a recluse but I do need a little guidance when it comes to socialising but I’ve been told that this will come with time and experience.

I am happy on short journeys, unless it is to the Vets and would much prefer to smell and look like a dog rather than have a bath. I can happily entertain myself when left but I have been told it may not be a desirable trait in my new home so better to have an owner who is around for the majority of the day. An adult environment would best suit me so I can gradually settle in to my new surroundings and feel at ease.

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