Meet Lylah. She was taken in as a stray after being involved in a road traffic accident. She had surgery on her hip, which has left her with a limp. She is currently having hydro and physio to help strengthen this area and she is happily moving around without any pain, it has just resulted in a mechanical unsoundness at the moment which should improve over time.

GOOD WITH CHILDREN: We do not have any history on her but she is a very friendly girl, we wil continue with assessments but our current guideline is for children over 5 at the moment.

GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: She gets on with most dogs and could live with another calm dog of about her size

GOOD WITH CATS: She is unlikely to be able to live with cats or small furry animals.

IDEAL HOME: She would suit many homes. She can be left for up to 5 hours on her own as long as she has had a walk.

FEEDING: She likes lots of food but we feed her a raw Diet, Barking Heads or Royal Canin

HEALTH: See above about her road traffic accident.

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