Macaroni is a 9 month old male Bichon Frise cross who has come to us from a breeder. He is very nervous and unsure of his surroundings, but has a gentle nature.   Macaroni is good with other dogs both male and female and will need a home with at least one other dog to help build his confidence around people.  We are looing for a calm and quiet home without children (as they would scare him) for Macaroni  with owners who will help hin learn that people are not to be feared and who will teach him about house training, lead walking and simply what it’s like to be loved.

05-03-17 UPDATE
Macaroni is called Toby in his foster home and I am trying to type this with him pawing one side and Katy the other.  When Toby arrived he was a very frightened little boy – very hand shy frightened and would run away from you. Now he is happy to come up to you for a tickle or a stroke. He loves toys especially playing with balls, running after them and throwing in the air. He is a very happy little boy. Toby is very clean over night but has the odd mishap when I go out although he does do it on paper.  He is now into everything like puppies should be and is quite comical at times. He is not walking on a lead as yet and I wanted to get his confidence first.  He is such a sweetheart.

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