Beautiful Maddie at @Holly_Hedge is a beautiful older girl who sadly came to rescue after her owner passed away. She deserves a wonderful retirement home where she can have a big cosy bed to sleep in and plenty of company. She does however still enjoy her daily walks and will need her daily exercise to keep her fit and active. If she sees a dog she can be strong on the lead and a little stubborn as she isn’t a fan of other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the home too. A lovely girl with a big heart! A SPECIAL PLEA FROM MADDIE. Why am I still waiting? I can’t believe it’s true. I try to make the best of things, But deep down I feel blue. It’s nice here in the daytime, There’s lots to do and see, I spend it with the office staff Who keep me company. But there’s that dreaded moment, When everyone goes home, The nights draw in, I bide my time, Sad and all alone. Do you think that you might have A special place for me? Please ask one of my carers If you can meet Maddie.

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