“This is MARLEY, he will be four years old in May. He’s a light chocolate and white Labrador Cross (maybe Ridgeback). He’s microchipped, had the snip, will be up to date with his vaccinations shortly and has no known health problems.

I’ve had him since a pup but now I am back in full time work and also have a 10 month old baby who’s turned out to be allergic to him. He’s a once in a lifetime dog and I am really sad to have to resort to this.

Marley isn’t keen on dogs he doesn’t know, however if he’s introduced properly then he’s perfectly fine with them and cats as he used to live with both.

He loves fetch and walks and is fully housetrained, he really is a loving & trusting dog who would be best off with somebody (or a family) who have time for him.”

Please contact 07931220094 if you feel Marley is the one for you.

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