Marty is a little live-wire who needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. It appears that he hasn’t been socialised very well from a puppy as he can be a little reactive when out on walks when he isn’t sure about a situation.

He is currently on our training scheme and is very responsive to his training with the kennel team and our behaviourist. New owners must be prepared to continue his training post adoption to ensure that he continues to thrive into adulthood.

As he is still just a puppy (be it a rather large one!) he still has many puppy tendencies, including mouthing, which are being addressed during his training sessions and day to day routine. He has a very short attention span, but is very foody, which helps with his training.

He becomes excitable very quickly, so new owners will need to be calm and patient with him to teach him correct behaviours, both in the home and out on walks.

What Marty Needs from his Forever Home

Marty was handed in as a stray, so unfortunately, because we do not know his background we are unable to re-home him with children.

Due to his excitable nature, it would be in his best interest to be the only pet in the household so that all the attention and training can focus on him.

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