Matty arrived in the care of SDR back in June through no fault of his own.

Matty was in desperate need for a groom as he was extremely matted and a little grumpy with it – this in turn made him feel a lot better and we noticed his behaviour improved.  We then started to notice he wasn’t walking very well.  X-rays revealed that Matty has arthritis in both knees and hips and a small tear in his cruciate; this will require on going medication.

Matty has made great progress over the months he has been with us and is now ready to find his loving forever home.  Matty would be better suited to a quiet household where he can get the attention and training he needs.

In the home, provide him with a safe area that is his where he won’t be disturbed; ideal for when visitors come round as Matty may be worried by them initially.  Once visitors are settled, introduce Matty on lead, with the visitors rewarding him for calm, good behaviour.

He is an intelligent dog and owners will need to provide Matty with mental stimulation to help prevent boredom as he can only be exercised for very short periods of 15-20 mins 3 x a day.  Matty will need to have direct access to a garden so he can potter about, play with toys and be off the lead.

He will need owners who have owned dogs before, prepared to take on further training (basic) and have an understanding of nervous dogs as there maybe times where Matty becomes worried by people.

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