Miles, born in April 2016 (his age is approximate) is a lovely little dog who can be shy with new people and in new circumstances. Miles needs a quiet and understanding home, we would not place him with children so as to minimise his stress in a new household. He is however very lively at kennels with the other dogs and the staff he knows. He has a very endearing personality, and we are sure that with the right guidance, nice walks and preferably the company of another confident and steady dog, he will not take long to blossom.

New owners shouldnt under estimate the work needed at this stage to ensure he grows into a well-adjusted adult. Please think carefully before adopting a puppy. This is an important and transformative time in their lives and they need you to be committed to their needs and development.

On the upside, the process is great fun! You will also get a wonderful sense of achievement when your puppy is transformed into the grown up, well mannered, valued member of your family that she is destined to be!

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