Hi!  My name is Miller and I’m a well behaved young lurcher with a love for walks and cuddles.  I’m a muscular boy who stands tall, regal, and proud at 27″ to the shoulder.

Everyone says I am pretty handsome, but I’m more interested in the  tummy tickles I’ll get because of my good looks.

Alongside my favourite countryside strolls, I also love to get some quiet and chilled time, where I become Still Mill.  

I’m looking for someone to supply me with lots of strokes and tickles whilst  I stretch out on the sofa.  I also love to play with soft toys and spend time nuzzling against people.

I’ll walk right  by your side on our walks about, although the muscles I’ve built up over the years mean that I do need someone who can handle me.

I’ll give lots of love to an owner who will look after my strapping self.  All I ask for in return is for my 3 T’s: tickles, treats, and treks together.

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