Miss Ellie


Miss Ellie was surrendered to a rescue with whom we often work, along with her four puppies, now all weaned, and with the pups’ father! Her former owner had simply let dog ownership get out of hand and was no longer able to cope. It would also appear that the dogs had not been receiving very kind care, as both the adults were very fearful at first. With sympathetic care, Miss Ellie is steadily growing in confidence, and has now come to DBARC to find a loving new home, but in view of her past, she will need someone who is used to sensitive dogs to help her continue to progress. She is a poppet, but has been on the receiving end of the darker side of human behaviour, and will need a lot of love from a caring and understanding new owner. She loves other dogs, so a steady canine companion would help her a lot too. In view of her timidity, we would not wish to place her with children under 12 years, and she is unknown with cats. If you think Miss Ellie could become your companion of a lifetime, you will need to be ready to work with a very intelligent dog who will need and active and interesting lifestyle as well as extra empathy due to her past. She will need company most of the time.

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