Mitch has the most marvelous ears that point to the sky when he is alert. He can be a little shy but it does not last long especially if you have a treat. Mitch is a small boy with a big personality waiting to blossom in his forever home. Can you be the one to offer this lovely boy that special home?

A little write up on Mitch’s visit to Chapel ?mitch2

Are you looking for a sweet, gentle little boy? Mitch could be just the one for you.
Today, he came to visit us at the seaside and enjoyed a walk on the beach, down the prom and through the village on the way back. He was very confident and curious about things showing no signs of nervousness. We met a little Westie who he had a bit of a sniff at but the biggest test for him was a pair of squirrels scampering around close by and running along the telephone lines above us. He had a good look, especially when one of our own dogs was getting a bit excited but no lunging, barking or grumbling from this amazing boy. In the house, he had a good sniff around but never looked like cocking his leg. He especially enjoyed sniffing up on the worktops in the kitchen but only jumped up once, when the tiger bread came out ( can’t blame him for that! ) but after being put back down he didn’t do it again. While we had our lunch he stood quietly by us, not attempting to steal the bread, despite it being past his lunchtime. Even the presents under the Christmas tree were explored ( sniffed ……he seems to like sniffing ? ) but he didn’t try to pinch them.
All in all, Mitch is a little gem! He shows the potential to fit into a loving home really quickly. No doubt he will have a mishap or two whilst he is settling in, as any dog who has never been in a home is likely to , but given a little time & patience and a lot of love he will be an amazing addition to any family
Barbara x

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