Jolly Molly


Hey ‘Jolly Molly’ here at @LeicsAnimalAid! Don’t you be fooled by my double digits and lack of hearing I can see you and know exactly what is going on with hand signals. Happy as Larry me and I love to be involved with everything from preparing food to watching a good film; just as long as I am with you and we share a hug. I am on good terms with the Vet as well, I understand that they mean well, plus I get a treat for being a brave girl.

Yes I must admit I am slowing down these days and enjoying retirement so I am more than happy for slow potters around the block or even just sitting in the car and having the occasional wee break if we are running errands. I love a good bath and like to keep myself smelling fresh and clean, you never know I may find the love of my life in my new home! I feel having youngsters about of the age of 10 years plus would be a benefit to reconnect me with my youth an throw my ball for me. I do try to catch it but sometimes it is better just to roll it.

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