Mr Toad


Mr Toad is a wonderful lad, who was brought to @RainRescue with a very sore face, from the stray kennels. After a course of treatment, and some TLC, Mr Toad is now feeling (and looking) a million dollars! A larger lad, Toad enjoys nothing more than a good sniffing session- he is naturally curious and loves to explore new places with his nose! He also enjoys playing, and will happily chase a ball for a while before settling down for a snooze.

Toad has been good with the other dogs he has met here, but doesn’t much care for sharing his prize possessions, so would prefer a home as an only dog. He is however happy to walk out with other dogs, and appears friendly to those he meets out and about. Because of his size and bouncy nature, we would prefer a home with older teenage children who better understand his needs and nature.

Toad is a lovely lad, and finds kennel life quite hard- could you offer him the home (and sofa) of his dreams?

SUITABLE WITH DOGS-Although Toad has been good with other dogs he has met here, he can be protective of his possessions around them, so would be better as an only dog


SUITABLE WITH CHILDREN- Older teens preferred.

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